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Nicolas Hayek, CEO of Swiss watch maker Swatch, wanted to create an affordable vehicle for young people that could transport two people and a case of beer. He went to Volkswagen to assist him with production of this car. This teaming failed to produce results so Hayek turned to Daimler-Benz. They designed a two-seater model, named the Fortwo, and a four-seater model, named Forfour. After building a factory in Lorraine France, Smart felt that engine technology was more costly than the sale price in Europe and Swatch pulled out of this endeavor.Smart Logo

With a tridion frame completely surrounding the passenger compartment for protection, these are some of the lightest cars in the European market. Due to the short length, they park with ease. The petrol engine gets exceptional mileage and the diesel engine even better. 2007’s models will also offer an all electric version of the Fortwo that will have a top speed of about 110 Km/h.